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NU Connections

Linking nebraska industry to university of nebraska resources

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About NU Connections

NU Connections helps Nebraska businesses and organizations leverage University of Nebraska (NU) system resources to move their businesses forward.

One of NU's key economic development initiatives—and a collaboration between the University of Nebraska’s four campuses (UNO, UNK, UNL, UNMC)—NU Connections links industry and business with the innovative researchers at the University of Nebraska. With top-notch people, tools and resources at their fingertips, Nebraska businesses can expand and grow.

Our goal: to stimulate business creation, assist in business recruitment, help create more high-skilled jobs, and contribute to economic growth and diversification in Nebraska.

NU Connections Fact Sheet

NU Connections is a U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center program. Visit their site to learn more.

Does your business need university resources?

We can help!

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What NU Connections Does

You're a business owner looking to access the University of Nebraska's many resources. How does NU Connections help?

  • Access. We provide access to the University's extensive faculty and staff expertise, student talent, physical resources, and professional and business development programs.
  • Single Point of Contact. We have an Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) at each of the four campuses to assist businesses as they identify and utilize University of Nebraska resources and navigate processes.
  • Business Recovery. We connect you with expertise and programming focused on business resilience and recovery.
  • Collaboration. We facilitate opportunities for research collaboration, technology & product development, talent/workforce collaboration, and other partnerships between Nebraska businesses and the university.
  • One Entry Point. We have connections across the four NU campuses, which helps get Nebraska businesses to the right resources in the right locations.

  • Unique Resources. We link businesses with regionally unique resources such as labs, clinics, field assets and specialized equipment.

NU Connections: Partners

Our partners are located across the University of Nebraska, making it easy to find assistance for business startups, laboratory and facility use, research and technology development, market research and more.

UNL Industry Relations

UNeMed at UNMC

Nebraska Business Development Center

NU Connections Stories & Events

Nebraska Business Innovation Act Review and Update 2021
This webinar discusses the Business Innovation Act of 2011 with an overview and updates.
NU Connections connects Dream it, Do it Greater Omaha Area with UNO MBA Capstone
The nonprofit now has the building blocks to figure out where they need to go in order to bring more awareness to manufacturing career opportunities.

No Upcoming Events

NU Connections Spotlight: Educating Entrepreneurs about Grant Funding

One hundred attendees from across Nebraska looking to accelerate business growth. A 75-minute webinar sharing information about the Nebraska Business Innovation Act (BIA) program requirement and applications. Knowledge and advice passed on, questions answered.

For Nebraska business owners interested in accessing BIA matching grants—which will be available on July 1, 2020this personal crash course is exactly the kind of offering they can expect from NU Connections. As one of the key economic development initiatives from the University of Nebraska, NU Connections links business and industry with specific offerings, opportunities and resources.


NU Connections Team



Ryan Anderson

UNL Industry Liaison

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Michael Dixon

UNMC Industry Liaison

michael dixon headshot

Aliese Hoffman

UNK Industry Liaison

Aliese Hoffman headshot

Deanna Marcelino

UNO Industry Liaison

deanna marcellino headshot

Catherine Lang


Catherine Lang headshot


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